The whole info about the vehicle by VIN! Carfax, AutoCheck

Are you decide to buy a used car? Great! You may check the VIN by VINformer and will find out all then the seller want to hide! Don't buy "a pig in a poke". You can check the car in car service station of course but you can to discard of the purchase by VIN checking only. And It will be more cheaper than checking a car in car service station. Save your time and your money! For the first check is enough the VIN only. The VINformer service is helpful for you for choosing a used car. The VINformer may be helpful also for insurance and bank underwriters, car experts, customs workers etc.

More then 1 700 professionals are use the VINformer for work!

We open to cooperation with your business!

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Why VINformer?

We are know very much about the VIN decoding and we have a good experience in this field because we do it since 2005! Our partners are adding our reports by information about car's history and car's options and our subscribers during some years trusts for VIN-decoder and use it on these websites and soft.

In addition to decoding a VIN using unique algorithm you can find out car history, get Carfax©, get AutoCheck© and get EpicVIN© reports, check a car for theft and check a car for recall, read more information etc. You can decoding a frame# for Japaneese cars and find out car's history by frame# also.

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The VINformer.SU is:

13 400

models in database

10 500+

VIN checks per day

18 600

registred users

276 000

clicks per month


One VIN decoding per a second!
11.05.2017 12:30:00

We did it: the statistic of 2016. You did about 27.5 millions requests for VIN decoding! It is 75 000 requests per a day, 3 125 requests per an hour and more then 50 requests per a minute! At average at every one second VINformer decoded a VIN!

GENESIS VIN-decoder was added
06.05.2017 12:00:00

The decoder for GENESIS VINs was added to the VINformer.

New field in VINformer report!
17.04.2017 14:30:00

For AUDI and VOLKSWAGEN the new field "modification" is available now.

The VINformer database for Volkswagen was updated
17.04.2017 11:30:00

We made the great update for VOLKSWAGEN! More than 1300 modifications was added.

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